Seeding potential at the intersection of inner and outer change

“The greatest revolution of our times is the way we see the world … that we belong to a living, self-organising cosmos.“
~ Joanna Macy 


The School of Being

We are living in complex, changing and uncertain times that require creativity, resilience, vision, collaboration, and well-being to meet the future more effectively and regeneratively.

The School of Being’s work sits at the intersection of inner and outer change, by helping people to co-create new potential in life, work and in the world. We empower people to see, sense, and think differently, so that we can be and act differently, individually and collectively, and co-create thriving for all of life.

We offer experiential programs to grow capacity for (1) BEING : Inner Development, (2) SENSING : Systemic Sensemaking and (3) ACTING : Manifesting Potential. Evolving our capacity in these 3 areas can empower us to co-create flourishing in our lives and in our world. 

What we do

Inner Development

Our inner awareness informs how we see, sense and relate to others in our work, our communities, and the world. We help people to make the inner changes required for greater resilience, creativity, and ability to respond to work and life with greater presence, self-awareness, connection and wisdom.


Systemic Sensemaking

Creating change requires systemic awareness and sense-making capability. Drawing upon diverse modalities, we help grow this capacity within individuals, teams and groups to better understand and make sense of complexity, navigate uncertainty, see new potential, and collaborate to mobilise change for better futures.


Manifesting Potential

How we see, feel, perceive and sense informs how we think, act and create in the world. We work with teams and organisations to catalyse creativity, and collaboration, develop capacity for diverse forms of knowing, and activate individual and collective will, empowering people to co-create more flourishing futures.


Who we are

Vivien Sung

Vivien is a strategic designer, regenerative practitioner and educator who seeks to create deep transformative change to move to new ways of living and being in balance with our living systems.

Portrait photo of Jax with hat on. Flags on a blue sky background

Jax Wechsler

Jax is a trauma-informed facilitator strategic designer, regenerative practitioner, educator, and coach passionate about change, inner development and enabling better futures for individuals, society and the planet.

Upcoming offerings

Cultivating new ways of being in a changing world

STARTS JULY 25 fortnightly online (5 sessions)
An Experiential Learning Journey Exploring  ‘Being’
This online experiential learning journey in Inner Transformation for Outer Change, offers a range of frameworks, tools and practices to develop Presence, Self-Awareness, Integrity & Authenticity, Openness & Learning Mindset, and Inner Compass’. In class, we share a practice or two to help you cultivate new ways of being. Next class, we reflect about our experiences with them. Join a  supportive learning community to embed new practices in your daily life.


Nature Constellations 


Exploring wellbeing

Nature Constellations is a relational practice that involves having a felt experience of selected elements within a living system that enables us to gain different perspectives and insight into our lives and greater systems. 

We will explore

• Different dimensions of our Well-Being
• What’s getting in the way of our wellness?
• Connect and nourish with nature

We will gather on a beautiful property  near Huskisson.

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Acknowledgment to Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands of the Wangal, Gadigal and Yuin people and their ancestors who have lived in harmony with this land for thousands of years. We pay our respects to elders past and present for their deep knowledge, wisdom and connection to land, sky and waters. We thank them for their Care for Country and extend that respect to all First Nations people.
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