Restoring wellbeing within ourselves, our relations, our places and our living world

“The greatest revolution of our times is the way we see the world … that we belong to a living, self-organising cosmos.“
~ Joanna Macy 


Upcoming offerings

Cultivating new ways of being in a changing world

STARTS JULY 25 fortnightly online (5 sessions)
An Experiential Learning Journey Exploring the Quality of ‘Being’

This online experiential learning journey in Inner Transformation for Outer Change, offers a range of frameworks, tools and practices to develop Presence, Self-Awareness, Integrity & Authenticity, Openness & Learning Mindset, and Inner Compass’. In class, we share a practice or two to help you cultivate new ways of being. Next class, we reflect about our experiences with them. Join a  supportive learning community to embed new practices in your daily life.


Nature Constellations : Exploring our wellbeing 


Exploring wellbeing

Nature Constellations is a relational practice that involves having a felt experience of selected elements within a living system that enables us to gain different perspectives and insight into our lives and greater systems. 

We will explore
• Different dimensions of our Well-Being
• What’s getting in the way of our wellness?
• Connect and nourish with nature

We will gather on a beautiful property in Falls Creek, near Huskisson.

Testimonials from participants

On the ‘Cultivating Ways of Being’ learning journey:

‘Viv and Jax hold a beautiful container in which to explore “Being,” bringing forth embodied and cognitive practices that allow space to explore the enlivening and challenging spaces of being within oneself and in community. What a joy it is to BE in this community.’
– Karina Kallio


‘As the weeks drew to a close, I came away stronger, clearer and able to move ahead with my vision, with better inner resources to meet challenges. I am able to stretch myself, manage my emotions better and richly contribute to change.
What really took me by surprise is the way Nature is essential to sustain my work – it was always there to support me but was never utilised. I am now drawing energy and spirit from new places.
I encourage you to attend the School of Being – be prepared for things to shift within you in unexpected ways.’
– Rachel Knox


‘I loved each minute of this course last year. Can highly recommend, for new arrivals to the transition scene and seasoned ones. A very well held container for learning new ways of being and exploring how others take this journey.’
–Ele Jansen






‘This is a quality course led by two high-quality Human Beings! I thoroughly enjoyed both the content and all of the different types of interactions in the ‘break-out rooms’. Totally recommended.’
–Jeff Knowles


‘I too have been sitting with all that is going on in our world. I could not agree more on the importance of doing the inner work and totally recommend the School of Being. Jax and Vivien wonderfully hold space for inner exploration and development.’

–Karyn Sherman



Past offerings

Listening, Perspective-taking, and Reflective practice 

Listening, perspective-taking and reflective practice support wise decision-making. Embodied reflective practices can help us see situations from new perspectives. On March 27, the School of Being led an embodied practice for participants for the launch of the Wollongong, IDG G’Local Hub. Using their sensing capabilities to see different perspectives, participants reflected upon a challenge they face through embodied practices. 

A Taste of Being : Sensing Potential

Where is the potential in our challenges?

A short online learning experience where we will look at an area or issue within our lives where we may feel some stuckness and participate in an embodied practice to explore its potential. Through an embodied practice, you can tap into your embodied knowing to sense new possibilities, fresh insights or a new way forward beyond your thinking. With every inner block, there is also a gift. Join like-hearted and like-minded community interested in restoring wellbeing within ourselves, our relations, our places and our living world.

Changemakers Listening Circle 

Navigating our Practice from Personal to Collective

Changemakers are navigating complex contexts. We want to contribute to positive change in our worlds –  including environmental, political, cultural, societal, economic, and technological. We want to contribute to a future of flourishing, for our children and future generations. But what do we need to flourish? And how might we become more resilient so that we can meet systemic challenges? Join Alissa FleetViv SungJax Wechsler and your design peers in a listening circle to reflect and explore together.

Nourish, Play & Connect  

APRIL 12 – 14
Exploring ways of being in nature

By cultivating deeper awareness of ourselves, we are better placed to reimagine and actualise a flourishing living world for our lives and all of our kin. This intimate weekend learning experience  is for people interested in wellbeing , wishing to explore practices informed by Somatic, Creative, Nature-based and Regenerative approaches within a small learning community.In a beautiful natural location, we will together work with practices that can support the inner changes required for individual and collective transformation. 

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Acknowledgment to Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands of the Wangal, Gadigal and Yuin people and their ancestors who have lived in harmony with this land for thousands of years. We pay our respects to elders past and present for their deep knowledge, wisdom and connection to land, sky and waters. We thank them for their Care for Country and extend that respect to all First Nations people.
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